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At Silveira Behavior Consultants, we offer quality care for individuals in need of behavioral health services. Our team utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, a scientific approach to understanding behavior and how it is influenced by the environment. 


Miladys Rodriguez Silveira

Silveira Behavior Consultants

Led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 20 years of experience working with children and families, we pride ourselves in our multicultural perspective through our work in Cuba, Mexico, and the U.S. We believe that every child, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and welcoming environment, and we are committed to providing affordable ABA services

Silveira Behavior Consultants provides focused and comprehensive ABA services at the client’s natural environments (home, schools, community). We develop individualized treatment plans based on each child’s needs. Caregivers are a critical component of a child’s development and we place a strong emphasis on parents and family training.


Applied Behavior Analysis


Comprehensive Services

These services involve a thorough assessment to identify specific needs and goals. A customized treatment plan is then designed, incorporating evidence-based ABA interventions to target behavior modification, skill acquisition, and social development. The comprehensive approach involves ongoing data collection and analysis to measure progress and make data-driven adjustments to ensure the most effective outcomes. Comprehensive services are typically 30-40 hours per week.

Focused Services

Focused ABA services concentrate on addressing specific behavioral concerns or skill deficits for individuals in need of targeted interventions. These services typically involve a more streamlined treatment plan, honing in on key areas of concern. With a goal-oriented approach, targeted ABA interventions are then implemented to address the identified challenges directly. Focused ABA services are ideal for individuals who require assistance in particular areas, such as communication, social skills, or self-regulation. Focused services are typically 10-20 hours per week.

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