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Building Blocks


ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services are a specialized form of therapy that focuses on applying behavioral principles to improve socially significant behaviors. These services are typically provided to individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral challenges. ABA interventions are evidence-based and data-driven, aiming to analyze and modify behavior by identifying the underlying causes and implementing targeted strategies. The ultimate goal of ABA services is to enhance skills, reduce problematic behaviors, and promote independence and overall quality of life for individuals receiving treatment.


Communication Training

Teaching functional communication so our kids can tell us what they need is our focus and priority. This can include improving spoken language, as well as teaching alternative communication such as PECS and AAC devices. 


Daily Living Skills

We want to teach our kids to be independent, regardless of their age. Training on daily living skills can include dressing, brushing teeth, tolerating dental or doctor appointments, and even age-appropriate household tasks and chores.


Leisure Skills

Learning appropriate leisure skills is important for young learners' development and growth. We will teach individual and group play skills including independent play, sharing, cooperative play, and more. As children get older we teach increased independence and age-appropriate activities.


Social Skills

We want to provide our kids with the opportunity to have meaningful engagement with similarly aged peers and take those skills into the school and community settings. We can work on conversational skills, understanding social situations, and more.


Toilet Training

Toilet training can be difficult for all kids... and their parents. We can utilize several methods of varying intensity to work towards getting your child potty trained before going into school. 


Vocational Skills

Even at a young age, we can start teaching the prerequisite skills for future jobs, which will also be helpful for high school, higher education, and independent living. This can include filling out forms, alphabetizing, basic math, advanced sorting, and more. 

Other Services

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Challenging Behavior

Challenging behaviors are any behaviors that interfere with learning, social opportunities, and participation in the community. We will assess challenging behaviors by conducting a functional analysis to determine why the behaviors are occurring, then create a behavior intervention plan to reduce and replace those behaviors.

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Parent Training

We don't just want our kids to show their skills in our therapy sessions, we want everything to generalize to the home environment when we're not there. Parent Training is a vital part of this. We will educate you on the principles and concepts of ABA, how these concepts apply to your child, and how to continue teaching these skills when we're not there.

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If your child receives any other services, such as speech, OT, PT, or others we will collaborate with them, including observing some of their sessions, to ensure everyone is on the same page and we are working together to achieve the best results. 


We also provide school supports and collaboration as well.


Accepted Insurances

Below are the insurance companies we are currently in-network with. If you have questions about out-of-network benefits or the future in-network services of your insurance plan, please contact us.

  • BCBS Illinois PPO

  • BCBS Medicaid

  • ...more coming soon!

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