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Get Started

What to expect when your getting started

Getting started with ABA services with Silveira Behavior Consultants is as simple as scheduling a consultation call! After that, you'll need to follow the steps below for us to initiate services. 


Contact Silveira Behavior Consultants to determine the need for ABA services through a review of referrals, observations, assessments, or requests from parents/caregivers.

Gather Info

Gather and submit all necessary documentation including insurance card, diagnostic report, IEP, etc.

Intake Meeting

Schedule an intake meeting to learn more about the company and services, how we can work together, and review the family intake package.

Initial Assessment

Our Certified Behavior Analysts will conduct an individualized ABA assessment to identify current skills and future treatment plan goals.

Treatment Development

Based on the initial assessment and review of medical history, an individualized treatment plan will be developed based on your child's immediate needs.

Funding Approval

All necessary documents and the initial assessment will be submitted to your insurance company for funding approval.

Allocation of Resources

Once services are approved for the dosage hours requested, we will assign therapists that are the best fit for your child's needs and scheduling requirements.

Service Implementation

The final step is initiating services and implementing the individualized treatment plan developed for your child through the team of their direct therapy staff and supervised by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).

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Let's talk

Schedule your free consultation with us today!

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